Coachella – the land of happy music, floral crowns, glam camping (does such a thing exist?) watermelon chunks, hot sun, coconuts… I am dealing with a hardcore case of Coachella envy at the moment.  This happens every year around this time….I’ve already decided I’m going next year so how convenient of me to plan my outfits a year in advance. 
 All outfits below differ from the token Coachella outfit consisting of cutoffs, a crop top, and ankle boots… below is overalls, funky sneakers and cowboy boots paired with fanny packs and balloon like culottes.  Straying away from the basics, still keeping the chella vibe. 
Cause you can’t coachella (now a verb) without overalls. its unacceptable.  This circular bag is probably as helpful as a back pocket but its perfect for Coachella! So, a free pass it’s given. 

Love these balloon shorts paired with Willy wonka sunnies. 

These boots walk into your life with the Coachella wristband already attached to them. Not really because then I’d already own them but you get the gist. They’re perfect. 

This denim romper has a cheeky zipper down the back, making it impossible to use the bathroom.. it’s so dang cute though. Can you say ‘buddy system bathroom breaks?’ I sure as hell can. 


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