Shopper’s Remorse

I’m a good little shopper.  I can do it till the cows come home much to my mom’s dismay.  Although, I suffer a mean case of shopper’s remorse. Obviously, not mean enough to persuade me to stop shopping… It’s a personal given that the tags stay on the item until I’m absolutely sure I want to wear it. When I have my “wtf, why did I buy that?!?!?!?!?” moment, then back to the store it goes.  Returning things is a bloody nightmare, especially Topshop, that store hates me sometimes.  
I’m an impulse purchaser with a terrible case of shopper’s remorse.  This bag, a floral Topshop dress (because, when the heck do I ever where florals?) and these damn hairbands that are now missing half the jewels.  All victims of seeming like a good idea at the time, but really are not for me.  I’m just a proverbial pain in my own butt! 


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