Harem Pants

Gap Tee // Zara Harem Pants // Rachel Zoe Sandals 
If you’ve read Finding Love Seeking Overalls, by my favorite Man Repeller; then you know of her harem pants story.  If you haven’t read it, then you’re a dweeb because she is hysterical!  Her gauzy, Zara, harem pants; which made her look independent and happy, brought her that and so much more. (They were so dang good that they have a whole chapter dedicated to them!) Her dude remembered her looking happy and independent in her harem pants and thats why he liked her in them.  Not because they show off long legs or a perky ass because frankly, they don’t.  You gotta unwrap the present to get the prize, huh?  I had my very own harem pants moment in Zara just like her.  It might as well have been divine intervention!  Now, I sit and wait for the oozing commitment and independence exuding vibes they bring me. And hope that what happens to her will happen to me.  If you know a tall guy that likes the genie in a bottle look (ahem, above) then send him my way.
If that wasn’t dramatic enough for you for you then please ignore the small hurricane that was going on while these photos were being taken.  I look quite sleepy and my hair is everywhere except the right place.  Happy Monday. 🙂 

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