Don’t Buy Bags Online.

This purse was an impulse grab while being home all last week with a concussed head.  {Which doesn’t work nearly as well as it did before. frighting ain’t it?} My head hurt, I was home for the 2nd day in a row, Bloomingdales was having a maj sale and I hopped on the horse.  I love me some online shopping, but I like waiting for the packages as much as I like the headache generated from the concussion.  So, I jumped on the horse again and bought express shipping.  To keep a short story shorter, the purse came yesterday without a zipper at the top to secure all the crap it encompasses.  Top closure is imperative; whether in the form of a zipper, magnet, or snap. I don’t want some grubby hands trying to take stuff from my bag!  This bag is practically begging for something to be stolen.  I would have known that the bag was sans top closure if I went to the store and purchased it.  Sooooo….moral of the story, buy the bag at the store.  Then you get to parade around like the asshole with the big shopping bag carrying their new bag.  Who, for the record always makes me envious.


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