It Brit

Reading is one of my most favorite things to do.  Romance novels and fashion girl books are my usual assortment with some classics thrown into the mix.  I had originally planned on doing one post about all the books I swoon over but since it is day 9 and this headache is still going strong, I bring to you; it. 
Alexa Chung is a mega babe.  She has perfect hair, legs for days and that cool girl, boy meets girl, I don’t give any kind of style.  She makes overalls and Chanel look so dreamy together.  And lets face the facts, anyone who wears overalls is on my good side.  You know this girl is doing good work because she has a Mulberry bag named after her.  Her book illustrates her style, beauty regime, heartbroken forewarnings and how to nail karaoke. Her style is really a perfect envelopment of a girly with boyish charm.  Her inspiration flows from the likes of Lolita to Jane Birkin to George Harrison to Annie Hall. She also happens to make a mean Wednesday Adams. In other lessons, she teaches; heartbreak sucks, moisturize too often, and in karaoke – corny always takes the cake. 
Chung is the quintessential it Brit.  She writes the book on how to be cool like her, literally.  I’m not even British and I wanna dress just like her.  She has a killer sartorial sense and a pocket full of wit. We share a love for overalls, stripes, HARRY STYLES and a good cat eye.  I say, its a great read.  I didn’t need to read her book to like her because I’m already obsessed.  She makes me wanna go do up a milkmaid braid, throw on overalls, a stripe tee, ankle boots, with a cat eye + red lip ALL IN THE SAME OUTFIT.  Go read it. 

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