Whats in my purse?

Nail Polish, Dior Lipstick, Green Tea Mints, Oil Blotting paper, Tums, Coach Wallet, Mophie Charger, Sunnies, Prescription Glasses, Kiehls Lotion, Vaseline, Aquaphor, Ginger Candies, Clinique Lipstick, 
Holding my purse doubles as an arm workout. {The picture is sans ipad, water & food.} Carrying a whole lotta stuff in a very heavy bag makes for a weighty combination.  I’m just preparing myself for the day I get to walk hand in hand with a hefty Celine, which for the record, is soooo worth it’s weight in gold.  As I look at the picture of the items my bag encompasses, – the question is, does this bag and its assets belong to a 70 year old woman (i.e; the tums, scentless lotion, vaseline, ginger candies) or a 17 year old girl with eczema and trying motion sickness?  I pick the latter.  


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