Silver Lining of Indecisiveness

Silk Blouse Via Nordstrom // Zara Boyfriend Jeans // Nike Sneaks // Rebecca Minkoff Bag
Häagen Dazs or Ben & Jerry’s?! 
Boyfriend Jeans or skinnies?! 
Flats or wedge sneaks?! 
Hair up or hair down?!
Sometimes, I have a hard time making a decision.. Like how the heck did I manage to walk out the door wearing a collared silk blouse, ripped boyfriend jeans and air maxes?! I couldn’t make a decision and decided to combine the lesser evils.  
Incase you were wondering, I went with Dreyers and Häagen Dazs.  
That, is the SILVER LINING of Indecisiveness.  😉



  1. Lee-Anne Weise
    February 12, 2014 / 12:47 pm

    Perhaps the best decision is no decision lol lovign the look

  2. Reece Andavolgyi
    February 13, 2014 / 12:31 am

    i agree! thank you! x

  3. February 15, 2014 / 5:12 pm

    I always have so much trouble in the ice cream aisle…Haagen Dazs is a good choice 🙂

    x. jill

    beck daily

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