Pricey Daydreams

I’ve been spending my days vicariously living through fashion week instagram snaps; I thought I’d give it a go and plan out every outfit I would wear there (NYFW, LFW, PFW)! But, I’m not there, so I have the likeness of Polyvore to help me out with that.

Wrap the scarf around your neck like its swallowing you.  It will look insane (good kind), I promise. 

AHHHHH! These overalls are maj.  They will look perfect with a slouchy cowl/turtle neck.  The shoes are more fuel to the fire. Wear them with socks and you will burn the place down! 

Again with the layering turtle necks…! It’s uber cold in NY.  This outfit, with 5 icy hot patches down your back so you smell like a walking cough drop… with a burning back.  In regards to the boots… Note to self: Buy them in 5 years (when you have money) and bring them back. 


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