Yoga? Not Quite

Lululemon pants // Gap sweater // Seavee sneaks // Rebecca minkoff bag 

The only time I ever really wear sweats is at home, going to volleyball practice or to the grocery store for last minute coffee milk.  I love fashion too much to limit myself to sweats!  Let alone wear them out. On a very, very casual day, I’ll wear Lululemon yoga pants.  The Jesus Christ of yoga pants.  Seriously, if you’re gonna wear yoga pants, these are them.  Not ones that say juicy on your ass.  Everyone wears yoga pants, sweats, leggings out and about at some point. No lying!  Lululemons are my fave because they make your butt look good. Not to mention versatile as all get up!  Probably one of the least repelling things I own.  Everyone needs a few of those, yeah?


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