Kickin’ Eczema’s Booty

I have had eczema since junior high and well into high school.  I’m a junior now and still suffer from it, especially around finals!  I get it in spurts on my face, neck and arms. I’ve been to the dermatologist a handful of times and have received plenty of creams, lotions, ointments – you name it I tried it. They would offer relief for about a month and then the eczema would {rudely} come back or I would breakout from the certain remedy.  Grrrr. Here’s a good time to mention I’m blessed with uber-sensitive skin also.   Back to the dermatologist I would go in hopes for a new cream that would answer all my problems.  That turned into a recurring cycle, offering no relief.  I began to accept that this is the way it would be and that this problem would remain like gum on the bottom of my shoe.

A couple months ago I had the worst eczema break out I’ve ever had.  It covered my arms and I scratched to the point of no return – my arms were raw.  Every other phrase that admonished from my mom’s lips were “don’t scratch!”  THANKS, captain obvious.  I was miserable for 4 days and suffered from itchy, raw arms.  I was an itchy bitchy. It got so bad that I couldn’t go to volleyball practice. My mom, who suffers from many food allergies suggested I go to the allergy doctor because eczema can be a symptom of allergies.  Off I went to the allergy doctor to be picked and prodded in hope to find the key to all this madness.  A handful of pinpricks later, I found out I was allergic to cats and tree pollen. No crazy cat lady here!   A light went off in my head as I recalled picking avocados off the tree in my front yard with my mom the weekend prior.  I had eczema on my arms in the places left vulnerable from the short sleeve shirt I was wearing.  MOMMMMM! I can’t pick avocados, HELLO! I told you! We came to the conclusion that yes, I am allergic to the avocado tree that sits 5 feet outside my bedroom window and yes, I’m not allowed to pick avocados anymore.   My mom insists I’m not very good at it either.

Ever since then, I have yet to have an eczema breakout. Me and my eczema expertise own every eczema product under the sun.  Now I come to share all my tricks and kicks with you.

1. Make bffs with your dermatologist and allergist. I have finally found the perfect prescription ointments. 
2. Keep Hydrated. Prevention!
3. Don’t pick avocados! 
4. Apparently, you’re only supposed to take short showers in lukewarm water. To be honest, I don’t even do that because I NEED my 20 minute hot showers. My 2 cents. 
5. When you have a breakout, right out of the shower lather the affected area in ointment, (prescribed or not) wrap the area in warm gauze, then a layer of dry gauze.  Leave overnight et volia! All eczema should be gone in the morning.  If not, do it another time and all shall be well.  This works miracles, trust.

Eczema Killers 
Coconut oil– This stuff works for everything.  I use it all over my body for different uses.  
1. It makes your face baby soft, seriously. 
2.  It’s great after you shave your legs. 
3. It’s good to use on eczema or to soothe an area where ya feel it sprouting. 
I use unrefined coco oil which is supposed to be better.  I got mine at whole food. 
Cetaphil Antibacterial bar soap – This is good for people with sensitive skin prone to breakouts as well as eczema.  It prevents both.
Aquaphor– Holy Moly, this is the chambray shirt of skin fixes! It works for everything.  I have been obsessed with this stuff for two years and I’m still going strong.  I have it laying around everywhere, ready for a moment’s use.  I sleep with it in bed too for those times when I wake up in the middle of the night with dry itchy skin.  I use it on lip and face when I have dry skin. 
Kiehl’s Creme de corp– This lotion is amazing. The key to eczema prevention is keeping your skin moisturized. This lotion is creamy & super hydrating, offering eczema relief and prevention. 
Mario Badescu Seaweed night creme– Mario Badescu has been great for my eczema prone, sensitive skin.  If you hadn’t noticed a trend, this creme is super hydrating.  I use it at night with coconut oil and argan oil.  I go to bed every night with a very shiny face.  
Kiehl’s Ultra facial creme, intense hydration – If it says intense, extreme, major, hydration I’m in.  This creme is one that I use in the morning after I wash my face.  Sometimes I pair it with coconut oil or Josie Maran argan oil depending on how dry my skin is. 
Vaseline – again a multifarious potion.  I use this for lips and nightly under eye creme.  You can never start too soon. 😉 
Sensitive/eczema skin friendly potions
My Clarisonic is my love.  I bought the sensitive skin brush for it too. Baha.  
Veet – Whenever I shave my legs I always get cuts, (I know, I have lots of issues.)  This stuff is AH-mazing.  I want to veet everything! I’m absolutely paranoid about getting in my hair and watching it all burn off and float away down the drain.  Double edged sword. 



  1. Sharon A. Swanson
    January 28, 2014 / 4:35 pm

    I LOVE using coconut oil as a moisturizer! Check out a product called CapriClear. It's an all natural CO moisturizer that is really great for dry skin.

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