Sweet Nostalgia – 2013

2013 marked a year of great experiences, much change [good and bad ;)]  and much learning… 
I started off the year looking like this…. {mad face is still going strong} 
chopped all my hair off… 
seriously chopped all my hair off… {BAD CHANGE} 
ended the year blonde…
mothered a penchant for overalls…… (and hair flipping?)
started blogging for teen vogue…. 
**caught with jazz hands** 
finally got my drivers license! & turned 17! 
attended teen vogue fashion university! had an amazing time; clad green fuzzy pinafore and clogs! 😉
met my one and true love…. 

found the perfect LBD! 

 learned that these shoes and my feet are NOT friends. 

learned to make sure the camera is always on auto focus… learned that the hard way… more then once.. 

 learned that my dog’s ear is the ultimate photo bomb…. 

welcomed my first real purse to the family! (and then a few more.) learned this bag is verrrryyyy heavy….. got the guns to prove it. 
There is my 2013 in a nutshell! A very large nutshell to accommodate all my various shoe purchases of 2013… if the shoe fits buy it in every color.. or so I do.  I’ve always had more shoes then sense! 😉 
Thanks a billion and happy new year! 

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