Little Black Leather Dress

Dress: Bailey 44 via Saks // Shoes: Schutz // Clutch: Anthropologie

Yes, I did indeed attend homecoming in leather.  I decided to opt out of the flowwy, hot air balloon type dress I originally had in mind because I went with a date. *gasp* Yes.  There was no man repelling Reece on the night of homecoming. (Because overalls are not considered appropriate for Homecoming.)  And I went for man getter Reece.  That might have even showed a bit of cleavage.  The clutch was my tiny bit of man repelling craziness.  My chemistry teacher asked “is that vintage?”  To which I responded “oh this? No, its Anthropologie.” Anthropologie coming in clutch.  Pun Intended. 
Now a week past homecoming and I am happy to report that the Spanx indentation in my right side is now gone. 

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