Overalls in Soho

Bewildered Reece

 Indie Picture-esque Reece 
Overalls: Forever 21 // Sweater: Gap // Sneakers: Nike // 

Reece waiting for all the tourists in central park to walk by so she can take her picture. 

Intexticated Reece (who also needs her roots done)

Reece in her natural habitat. Mad face and all. 
Having just left New York for TVFU, I have found myself in a state of sadness looking at all the evidence of the great time I had there.  I learned so much …including talking in the 3rd person.  HA.  And I fell in love with the city (blisters, cramped shoulders, stinky stench and all).  
My love of overalls and sporty sneaks followed me to New York.    I wore this outfit on my first day mission to find a homecoming dress and shoes.  Overalls are just for trying things on all day, I learned that like halfway through the day.  Twenty minutes in the dressing room for two dresses YESS YESS!  
Stay tuned for the rest of the week and my TVFU adventures!

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