Mucho Mascara

It is safe to say I am ending my search for the perfect mascara.  If I could use one beauty product for the rest of my life, it would certainly be Benefit They’re Real mascara.  I am obsessed with eyelashes and this mascara makes it look like I have false eyelashes on.  Every time I laugh, my eyes tear up (because everything is just so funny) so I always have to worry about my mascara running.  This mascara is perfect because I can laugh till the cows come home and it still looks perfect.  BUT WAIT.  You don’t have to scrub your eyes till they’re raw to remove it either.  I just wash my face in the shower and BAM.  Its all gone.  
So folks, I am going steady with They’re Real, and I couldn’t be any more smitten. 😉 

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