Ode to Overalls

With my love of overalls, it would only be appropriate to do yet another post on them.  A post outlining the benefits, examples and answers to all the myths and beliefs predisposed to them.
Overall Fact and Fiction 101.

I: If Rihanna, Leandra and Alexa wear them, IT IS NOT WRONG OR BAD IN ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM.

Me oh my oh, those Stella McCartney ones are calling SCREAMING my name. 

II: Overalls have proven to withstand the length of time!  

From Bob the Builder…

To KIMMY GIBBLER!!!!!!!!  Why they’re a classic! 
III: Cute guys and overalls do not go well together. 
Well check out this lil’ fella in his dungarees..  This could be an awesome or horrible example depending on how you feel about the Biebs… AS LONG AS YOU LA LA LA LA LA LOVE MEE. 

AHHHHHHH! LOOOK HOW CUTE NIALL LOOKS IN HIS OVERALLS…THEY’RE ALL CUTE.  Boybands kinda dig overalls (scroll above to JT)… and I kinda REALLY dig boybands.  No, no I dont.  Just this one.   
I’d say they’re having a banging pretty good time.  Safe to say their is no repelling going on here.  WAY TO TAKE ONE FOR THE TEAM SEBASTIAN KYDD.  *fist pump*
IV: Only farmers wear overalls…
  If looking like this resembles a farmer then I REALLY WANNA BE A FARMER. Pass me the plow! 
Danielle is the overall princess.  That makes me the overall princessess I thinkyeah?  I hope to own as many overalls as she does one day.  Dream big my friends.  

Nope, no farming here. 
So I leave it to you.  Hot girls wear overalls, hot guys wear overalls… even Kimmy Gibbler.   So wear em’… With your boyfriend, with your mom, with your dog.  
Loving this pair, this pair and this pair.

*google images 

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