Resort 2014 – Accessories

Today we will talk about the accessories of the Resort 2014 collections.  Shrubs, team spirit, legos and tampon bags.  Proceed with caution.

Cantaloupe colored Valentino Rockstud sandals.   Nothing says “I’m ready to take on the world.” or more appropriately “I’ve worn these shoes for 2 weeks straight.” (that is how good they are) then these shoes. Those are my kind of shoe.

These Charlotte Olympia puppies.  Nothing says SCHOOL SPIRIT then being a head taller then the football team… someone one has to take one for the team.

Pair these with jeans and a chambray shirt.  Pierre Hardy is taking the Canadian suit to a whole new level. Might as well just bathe in denim eh?

If you hadn’t noticed that the first 3 pictures are shoes; I am a shoe whore  addict.  There is still more coming too. 

This is the most gaudy Alexander Wang I have yet to see. (ehh, this one is up there too.)  Who says gaudy is a bad thing?  In the wise words of my perfect friend BadgalRiRi; Shine bright like a Diamond.

“Could someone pass me my purse?” “Sure, which one is it?” “The periwinkle one.”  I would get this Fendi just to say the periwinkle one.

Back to the shoes…. These Aperlai bad boys come equip with their own shrub and all.  Who needs a boy to buy you flowers when you have these?

Ahh, this Valentino clutch with the legos jewels on it kinda looks like a Shourouk bag.  Except with privacy the PVC Shourouk lacks.  The perfect bag to stick tampons in!

This Tonya Hawkes clutch  offers a place to store your my 27 lip glosses I carry with me at any given moment.  It doubles as a weapon too.  Just look at those pesky studs, those will take out an eye.

We end off with this Lanvin ring.  On more occasions then one, 13 has been a lucky number for Taylor Swift.  In my hopes to get like half of the action she gets (or Harry Styles, I’m good with just him.)  I will adorn my body with bejeweled 13s.  And maybe red lipstick.

images via WWD 


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