Losing him was blue like I never know.  Kissin’ him was dark gray all alone.  Forgetting him was like tryin’ to know somebody you never m-e-t.  Loving him was orange….. It probably wasn’t orange.. but just go with me on this one.

Orange is one of my favorite colors. Yes please I want to look like a traffic cone.

Now lets sit here and wonder why whenever I try to take pictures of this dress they always come out fuzzy?  This damn dress is bad luck when it comes to the photo department.  I spent my whole Friday walking around the USC (90 degree campus) with my cousin for her college tour.  I was happy after we took the pictures because my hair looked good and the background was nice. That was until I uploaded them…. and then threw the camera across the room.  Turns out it somehow switched to manual focus when it needed to be on auto focus… URGGHHH  I am not very technology savvy (besides with an iphone) so I always try to pick the easiest settings.  Even when I try to pick the simplest and easiest ones it still gets screwed up…. Grr.  


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