Pucker up

The YSL lip stain in #9 is a keeper! It is a bright pink color. It tastes and smells amazing and has great lasting power.  I add aquaphor on top because it can be a tad drying. I have very dry and sensitive skin. It is somewhat oily too.  For lip color, I suggest going with the higher end products if you have sensitive skin.  The drug store brands have lots of fillers, fragrance and dyes. I notice that I often break out from drug store lip sticks and stains. I haven’t had any break outs with the YSL.  Breakouts of any type are so annoying. As much as I love going to Ulta and throwing 20 different lip sticks, stains and glosses in to the basket, I know that it does not end well! No matter how loud the Revlon lip butters are calling my name…I must walk away! Trust me… life is too short to walk around with  red, swelled, itchy lips from the drug store lip sticks. The message is:  Don’t put crap on your face…. I SOO sound like my mom… 

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