A little DIY…

When I first saw Miroslava Duma’s PVC crystal clutch, I almost drooled (attractive eh?).  The bag she was carrying was a Shourouk clutch.  Unfortunately, Shourouk bags are a tad pricey, with that said, I thought that I could DIY something similar too it.
For materials, you are going to need:
E6000 adhesive
Random Jewels
Grommet hole punch
To start off you are going to make the PVC clutch.  First cut out the PVC in the shape that you desire.  I went for a basic rectangle shape.  Then we will assemble it with the grommets. The grommets may look difficult but they are as simple as hole-punching paper.  The jewels can then be attached.  It would be best to use a wooden chopstick to apply the glue to the jewels.  You can glue the jewels to the bag in a pattern that you like or just glue them on for a more relaxed vibe.  I went for the more relaxed vibe.
IMG_0987I added the extra jewels to the holes in the grommets.
For jewels I suggest checking out a flea market and buying some necklaces you like a removing the jewels to use for the bag. Jewels with a flat back are the best to use as they glue to the clutch the easiest.  Shourouk bags have super vibrant colorful jewels so the more color the better!
The finished product should look something like this.  Just throw in a lip gloss, your wallet and phone and off you go! 🙂


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