I always wanted to try a milkmaid braid when I had long hair.  I loved that it kept your hair out of your face but was different then your (my) typical bun. I never got to try it before I cut my hair.  I am so fed up with my (diy) bangs that I just put my hair in buns to keep it out of my face.  Well to spruce things up a bit.. (wink wink) I tried to do a milkmaid-esque braid.  It was really easy to do! All I did was separate my hair into 2 braids.  Instead of pinning it up and over I pinned it under because my hair is not long enough.  I highly recommend it because it took literally 5 minutes.. if that.  I sprayed it with some hairspray and it lasted all day!  You can do updos with short hair!


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