So not pajamas…

Glasses: Hugo Boss, Denim Jacket: Old Navy, Pants: Whole Foods, Shoes: Steve Madden 
While I popped into Whole Foods, I spotted these pants.  Yep, leave it to me to leave the store with sweat pants and pizza.  Dressy sweatpants…how brilliant is that?  These pants are so comfortable its kinda ridiculous.  I’m sleeping in them too.  Their new name will be the 48 hour pants because they just don’t come off. 
 Now for the bun, whenever I shoot outfits for my blog I try to have my hair down so that I look decent.  Well, I have my hair in a bun about 96% of the time.  I’m just a ‘bun-it’ kinda gal.  If I could, I would wear oversized sunglasses and buns for the rest of my life… and you never know, I might just go ahead with that.  


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