Gellin’ it

I love the look of gel nail polish but I don’t like the commitment of salon gels/shellac.  Two week is just too long for ONE color!  I heard lots of good things about the Dior Gel Topcoat and how it makes your nails look like gels but can be removed at home like normal nail polish.  I decided to jump on that trend and I went to Sephora and bought it.  I must say I’m quite a good consumer! 😉 
For results, I tried it once and my polish started cracking after a few days… I am still not sure if it is because I had thick layers of polish or because of the new Topcoat. With that said, a few other gel top coats are available and are not as pricey as the Dior one ($24).  They certainly are a must have to receive that shellac look without all of the pain in the butt hassle and commitment! 
I am not 100% sold on the Dior topcoat. 🙁 It is pricey and it cracked the polish, but I still have hope it will prove me wrong! Until then, in my search for perfection, I have read good things about these two.  Both of them achieve that gel look and are under $10! 

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