Shoe Game

I love the feeling that I get when I put on an outfit that I love, and I have shoes that take it to the next level.   However, that feeling can go away in a heartbeat when the shoes hurt your feet.  Limping around with blisters, squished toes and raw red feet is the worst. I personally am guilty of buying shoes that hurt my feet because I liked the way that they looked.  Whoops!! Along with that comes a fair share of blisters, raw red feet, and squished little piggy toes.
The shoes in my closet that make me want to cut my feet off are deemed “sitting shoes.”  Shoes that I wear because they look cute but only to places where I know a majority of the time will be spent sitting down.  I have a good five pairs; some heels, some flats.  Come on! Everyone has at least one pair!  Is wearing shoes that hurt your feet worth it if they look good?  Sometimes I say yes, and then I’m kicking myself in the side a couple hours later when I’m walking around with blisters.  What were you thinking Reece?!  All in the name of looking good. And for people that say crocs are so comfty….well they’re pretty darn ugly too.
These cute suckers are sitting shoes.  I got blisters and I almost ate it when I was walking.  Serious sitting shoes.
These cute suckers are sitting shoes. I got blisters and I almost ate it when I was walking. Serious sitting shoes.
Here are some helpful tips when looking for shoes.
-For high heels I look for a platform. Any platform helps but 1in+ is most helpful.  It makes the heel not feel as high and gives you a round motion to walk in rather then being directly on your tippy toes.  Trust me, It makes it better.
L-R Steve Madden($100), Michael Kors($250), B Brian Atwood($350)
These are all super comfy because of their platform. The balls of your feet don’t hurt since you are not standing on your tippy toes as the platform is their.
-Get good quality shoes.  Shoes from Forever 21 are bound to kill your feet.  Nothing beats shoes made out of nice buttery leather.  They make feet happy.  Then their are Louboutins and Jimmy Choos, shoes whose buttery leather and top quality still leaves you with sore feet but make for really happy eyes.  I am willing to have sore feet to wear shoes like that. 😉
-Buy all the dr.scholls gel inserts for single sole heels..  The gel cushion makes-up for the lack of platform.  It’s a big help.
-Shoes that rub the wrong way? Wear socks.  Get the ones you wore when you were 5  with the little lace frill. Certainly helps manage the blisters.
Topshop Frilly Socks (3 for $15)
Loeffler Randall Oxfords($350) Topshop Frilly socks (3 for $15)
-Be prepared for the worst.  Carry liquid bandages and Aleve.  Like a clear topcoat, it is important to put the liquid band-aid on the blister before it breaks the skin.  Once it breaks the skin, it burns when you put in on an open cut.  Woo! It gives me chills just thinking about it.
-Worse comes to worst, wear sneakers. NikesNew BalancesConverse.  They always look cool.
Nike Wedge Dunks ($120)
-If the shoes are really going to hurt, take an aleve half an hour before your going to wear them.  It takes the edge off.
-Carry a comfty pair of flats with you in your bag if your going to be walking alot. These ones are perfect because they are comfy and won’t take up lots of space in your bag.  Then change back to your heels when you get to your destination.
Hope you and your footsies appreciate this post! 🙂

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