All in the Cut

Skinny Jeans.  I got my first pair in third grade.  I was always a boot cut girl, maybe because that was the only choice.  Skinny jeans were one of those things that I thought would come in and out of style as I got older.  They proved to withstand the test of time.  Everyone wears skinny jeans, now you can wear orange skinny jeans, striped skinny jeans, silver skinny jeans.  And if your lucky orange and silver striped skinny jeans. 😉 Maybe not so lucky.  But in the back of my mind, I am always thinking about my bootcut jeans.  Bootcut jeans are not as popular anymore.  But why?  I am guilty of it too.  I wore a pair the other night for the first time in a couple of months.  Their great.  They look fresh compared to the skinny jeans everyone wears. The silhouette is flattering.  Is it because it hides my lack of a thigh gap with the flare that somehow manages to balance everything evenly?  Oh that magic flare. I’m not talking about that magic flare that is so big it can be a tent to house a small village, but that flattering kind of flare.

Image via Man Repeller
Image via Pinterest


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