Coachella Lovin’

Wellies: Perfect for the rainy weather.  Who wants mud in between their toes?  NOT ME. 
Overalls:  I already love overalls!  Like Coachella is even another excuse to wear them.  Psh.  
Korres Lip Butter:  Love this lip gloss for the color and moisture it gives.  Craving care free Coachella make-up?  Dab a bit on to your lips and on too your cheeks.  You, my friend, are golden! 😉
Plaid Shirt:  Gives a cool look when tied around your waist.  Take it off at night when it gets a tad chilly and your good to go.  
Wedge Trainers:  Strut in style with a tad bit of lift. How great is the burgundy color? Perfecto. A nice change to the ankle boots that everyone wears too! 
Sunnies: Mint green.  Fun glasses from Madewell.  
Surf Spray:  Who has time to do their hair at Coachella?  Psh.  Who even has time to do their hair when their not at Coachella.  Wet hair, spritz this all over, give it a scrunch or two and volia:  those boho, effortless waves are yours. 
Hat:  Shield your skin from the sun!  This is perfect to hide greasy roots too! 
Dry Shampoo:  Don’t want to wait wash your hair on day 3 of the trip?  Spray this on the roots, ruffle it and its just like you washed it! 
Green Mini Bag:  Cute color, perfect size to put your phone, sunscreen, lip gloss and money.  
Floral Headband:  When in your life will you have the perfect occasion to wear a floral crown?! Take advantage of it! 
Free People Tunic, Vintage Levis, Dolce Vita Booties, Cole Haan Saddle Bag 
For the past 2 years around April, like clockwork, I start to get Coachella Envy.  I want to go to Coachella so bad! I see it all over instagram, twitter and every other blog I go too.  The music, the clothes, the laid-back vibe! ahh, I’m talking maj hair envy, tattoo envy and indie-clothes envy. 
 BRING IT ON. Sign me up! 
 Unfortunately, between school and volleyball I can not go. It is only 3 hours away from Los Angeles, still can’t go. 🙁 Every year I say “next year I’m going.”   So hence I say, “next year I’m going! Haha.  We will see how that turns out. 😉 
So until then I can dress like I’m going to Coachella and I’m half-way there right? 


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