Fangirls Unite

                                                                 *picture via twitter*

If you didn’t already know I am a massive One Direction fan.  They’re my guilty pleasure, I love them!  When I awoke to find pictures all over my twitter of Louis Tomlinson of 1D and his girlfriend Eleanor en route to the Topshop Unique 2013 show I got quite giddy. “Is that overalls she has on?” My newly awaken, half asleep self wondered.  THEY ARE!  Overalls, another thing that makes me giddy, especially when worn like this.  I love this outfit, the overalls, the shoes.  She looks great.  Anyone who wears overalls is someone I like. 😉 Their acquired taste and lengthy bathroom time required when worn certainly shows that only those who are special can rock overalls.  Eleanor and I are special enough to join the overall game.  Its the twenty minutes it takes to simply pee that sets us apart from the dress-clad girls who wouldn’t dare go near overalls. 
Just when I thought my One Direction and Fashion week fix couldn’t get better I was wrongly mistaken.  It was the 6 second video Ms. Man Repeller put on Vine that was quite the night changer. (Vine is like instagram but videos, follow me @ Reece Andavolgyi) The video was of her fangirling over Harry Styles DJing the party she was at.  I AM NOW FANGIRLING OVER HER FANGIRLING OVER HIM.  Two of my favorite people ever, her screaming over Harry Styles, the fact that she knows who he is.  I can’t even.  That made my night.  If I was at that party I don’t know who I’d fangirl over more, her or Harry Styles.  And then the perfection Stella McCartney overalls she was wearing… but thats for another time. And so the life I lead as a fangirl now comes out. 😉 
Praying she accepts my follow request on twitter for her private account.  I PROMISE I’M NOT WEIRD I SWEAR. 
Cheers to an awesome week waiting to happen!!


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