The Grammys are always a favorite to watch.  I often get booted to watch alone because of my numerous comments on all of the outfits.  Whoops.  But, come on! Rihanna looks AMAZE!  So do Carrie and Chrissy (she is the best tweeter in the world.)  But their is lots of commercials for the Grammys.  At least it is enough time for me to move my slow, flu-filled body down the hall to get water.  The darn flu that just will not go away, maybe I could man repel it away?  I will let you know how that goes.  And who are these people performing at the Grammys with a tuba?! Automatic brownie points to the tuba playing curly haired dude. (Curly is always better then coily.) I like you. 
<< pictures via US magazine >>



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