A Harry Dilemma

The Harry Dilemma I’m going through right now is a common occurrence.  Not Harry from One Direction, Harry like the hair on my head, I just like to spell it like his name. 😉 Bring on the judging!  I change my mind about my hair all the time.  When I cut it I like it for a week then I get annoying and wonder what was I thinking.  Finding someone to cut my hair is always hard because I have enough hair for a family of 5.  Literally.  Taking matters into my own, amateur, frustrated hands… I cut off two inches… snip snip into le toilette! The little emoji of the girl cutting her hair would fit in quite perfectly right here .  Anyways, I am quite impressed, I did good and I even thinned out the layers a tad. 😉 Fancyyy. I feel a bigger change coming for my hair.  I feel like every girl has long hair and ehh, I’m kinda over it.  I like being different.  So what if guys  don’t like it? I don’t have anything to lose except for a few inches. 😉 Inches of split ends that will be making its way back in a matter of months.  My hair grows fast and its just hair.  To be clear, I’m not talking pulling a ‘Miley’ on ya because I’m pretty sure I miss that blonde bob more then she does.  I loved that haircut.  It’s different, not long, not super short and drum roll please…. Still goes into a bun!  Thats the magical question.  “Will it still go into a bun?!”  Buns are my absolutely favorite thing in the whole wide world.  Ahh! For guys that think it looks like I have a cupcake glued to the top of my head. They don’t understand.  And errr to all the people that grab that sucker and make it all wonky so I have to redo it!  For my hair, it doesn’t really matter as long as I can put it in a bun.  I just feel like the whole long hair with waves is overdone.  Kardashianized to say the least, even though I like them, (low-key ;)…..) I’m going to think for a little bit before I decide if I should cut my hair, or not.  Good things come to those who wait!

Hair Inspiration 

Really Love this one! 


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