Lemon Head

Brooches bringing out the girly side of a tough cargo jacket. Safe to say I’ve mastered the mad face. 😉

Beanie: Cotton On | Jacket: Jcrew (mens) | Blouse: Free People (old) similar  
Jeans: Hudson | Boots: Dolce Vita 

My little lemon head beanie is constantly on rotation in my closet.  Its super soft and keeps my ears cozy!….I kinda feel like I will be judged if I walk around wearing earmuffs in LA. Its like the my rain boots that scare the rain away.  I swear it stops raining the second I walk out the door.  There goes me, walking across the dry, sunny school yard, the only one in rain boots…. Looking like a total goober.  I am kinda good at it though. 
Since its supposed to rain tomorrow, I am going to try another attempt with the rain boots that somehow always seem to scare the rain away.  Is it the rain boots or maybe the mad face?…. 
I’ll get back to you on that one. 😉
Reece xo

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