WTF Wednesday #2

My attempt to be sneaky in taking the picture.  That fence really classes the picture up. 
And so we have another WTF Wednesday to add to the pile. If you missed the last WTF Wednesday be sure to check that out here.  
I’m sure you don’t want to miss the good ol’ Jesus socks and sandals. 😉
This week we’re gonna talk about sweaters. If your sweater evokes motion sickness to the people around you….then we have a problem.  If your sweater looks like a sheep…another problem.  So next time you pick out a sweater, think about everyone around you.  Are they gonna look at you and need to chug a bottle of tums?  Or are they waiting for a bahhhh to come out of your mouth any second? 
Happy Hump day!
Reece Xx


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