Blissful Break

new iPhone case, half moon mani, and a jumbled arm party. woo.
blueberry and strawberry crumble I made from scratch….i love to bake.
new Dolce Vita booties scored at the Bloomingdales after Christmas sale. 75% off. still gushing over them. 
my sparkly one direction socks courtesy of the best fraaan. 
starbucks… alright, you can get away with Reese, Greece, and Grace… that ones pushing it though… But Tam, whaaaaaaat.  who’s that?… maybe I took the wrong cup..? sorry Tam.  Don’t worry, your green tea tasted quite good.
Cringing at the fact that the Holidays are over and I go back to school on Tuesday.  If you hear a girl crying in the corner…..thats me. My relaxing break consisted of shopping, a little baking, and TONS of pinterest…. I never want it to end.  How was your holidays?
check out my instagram for more happy snaps. @reece__a
Reece Xx

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