WTF Wednesdays

So I have decided to start something new called WTF Wednesdays.  Everybody has those moments when you see someone wearing something and you literally stop, and think WTF are they wearing? 
Jesus Sandals, Crocs, Ugly Sweaters, PLAID.  All apply. 
So were going to start the first one off with a bang, maybe even a bang bang…. 
Jesus sandals….and socks.  Wow, this looks SO ugly.  BAHAHA. Sandals and socks are bad, Jesus sandals and socks.  Bang Bang. WTF was he thinking? Big no no. 
So if you want to wear socks you can wear sneakers…boots.  But please not Jesus Sandals.  
Happy WTF Wednesday.  Cheers to the holidays, 2013, and many more WTF Wednesdays to come! 😉 
Reece xx

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