Gift Guide for the Single Girl

Gift guide numero uno: Single Girls
Toucan Sweater: Because everyone looks hot with a humongous tropical bird on their chest, right? 
So right. 
Shower Cap: Yep, thats a cupcake.  A cupcake shower cap. HAHAHA. I cracked up when I saw this,  everyone needs to own this. It’s one of those things you don’t really buy yourself.  But it makes a hysterical gift. 
Sparkle Uggs: I went there.  Everyone wears Uggs.  Judge me, they are like walking on marshmallows.   Uggs and glitter.  It doesn’t get better then that.  Wear these suckers out ladies.  The guys will be blinded by more then just your beauty. 😉
Dress: This is sexy librarian on a whole other level.  Glasses, red lips, tights, and booties.  You won’t be single for much longer. 
Kitty Flats:  Meow. Shoes to match your cat. Craazzyy cat lady.  Meow.
Nail Polish: You can never go wrong with nail polish.  Girls love it.  But don’t get the yucky, cheap drug store kinds.  Ew. 
Bunny iPhone case: Can you see my liking for furry things.  Who doesn’t like bunnies? 
Satchel: I love a big purse that you can throw all of your junk into.   This one looks like a jelly bean!  Whaaaaat. 
Happy Hump Day!
Reece xx

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