Sweater: Lululemon
Leggings: Lululemon
Shirt: Hanes
Shoes: Superga
Bag: who knows, its old
(This is what people wear to yoga. I know, shhhhh!)
Wore this outfit yesterday to get lunch with the family.  
I saw the Man Repeller tie her shoe laces like that and I was in.  
Tried it.
Loved it. 
I grabbed my Supergas from the closet and was super happy with the result.  My brother told me my shoes looked stupid… totally Man Repeller.  I might as well since theres no boyfriend in my future.   
But apparently there is for everyone except me… whaaaaaat.  Yep, thats right, everyone can have a boyfriend except Reece. 
Bring it on.
Love it.
Alrighty then, theres my forever alone/lack of relationship/no boyfriend for you rant that I have uhh…. once a week.  Looks like I’m good for the week then. Woo! On that note…
Happy Monday! 😉
Reece xx

2 thoughts on “OOTD

  1. lovely OOTD! I love your sweater <3
    I just found you and immediately became member! I would really appreciate it if you'll visit my blog back here ->http://dtmakeupgirl.blogspot.gr/
    Kisseeeeeeeees :*


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