September is my favorite time of the year for many different reasons!
1. My birthday is in September.
2. The weather gets colder! Amen, cause I don’t like this heat. 
I love going homecoming dress shopping!  Its always something I look forward too!  For homecoming dresses I go to Bloomingdales! Its great and has a bunch of choices.  I always look around to see the dresses online before I get to the store.  I saw this BCBG dress and immediately was drawn to it.  I love sequins, I wore sequins last year and this one was perfect because it still had sparkles but didn’t look like the one I wore last year. It was also the first dress I tried on!  It was almost too easy! (I went to 3 different Bloomingdales and Nordstroms last year. )  Definitely my fastest shopping trip! 
And now the shoes….. Ahh! I have not gotten the shoes yet, I feel like since the dress is a neutral color, a colorful shoe would look really good! What color shoe do you think would look best? 
P.S the red bag was in Steve Madden when I walked by the store.  I needed to own that.  Happy Early birthday to meeeee!
Have a great rest of the week! 
Reece xx

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