Fall Denim Trends

I know, its crazy to even think about buying jeans in this ridiculously hot weather.  When its 90 degrees in Santa Monica, when your 5 blocks way from the beach, something is seriously not ok!

Which is why I’m so excited that fall is coming! To me it means jeans, boots, cool weather 🙂 and my birthday! Whats not to love? This fall some hot jeans are out. Boyfriend jeans…slouchy, chic and comfortable! I will certainly be getting a pair. I’m obsessed with the printed jeans as well as colored denim.  This fall look for coated denim and brocade jeans. They are way more than your normal blue jeans! With all these great jeans for the fall, which ones are on your wish list? I wanna know!

Its, Wednesday….phew! half way their till the weekend.  Let the angels sing!!

Reece xx

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