Twas the night before the first day of school…..

(well look at those kickin’ calves?!) 

Well tonight was quite an exciting night for me! I went to the Rooftop Rendezvous with Mirabella Beauty at the London Hotel in West Hollywood! I went with my mommy and had a lovely time! Tonight was the first time I had heard about Mirabella, and I really like their products! The best part was my super-sensitive skin loved it too! I had make-up put on when I got there and nothing turned red and puffy! WOO HOOO!…not to mention, it looked awesome and felt awesome!! It definitely didn’t feel heavy or cakey, which I LOVE. That certainly deserves a round of applause!

So my moody camera decided to not turn on right after I took these pictures, which were pre-Mirabella. Awesome, right? So there are more pictures to come of my new make-up!

Great goodie bag. 

My lovely new make-up.

Well happy Wednesday to everyone.  I will be starting my day at 6am wearing my sexy school uniform. Kinda hard to rock a 100% polyester, pleated skirt. BOO HOOO! 
Reece xx 


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