The creation of a makeup bag


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I’ve experiences with a lot of different makeup to truly find what I love.  I’ve tried different foundations, baking, highlight and contouring because honestly, I will always try a trend once!  And mostly its a few times to see if I like it. I don’t like caked on makeup and I have pictures I can just look back on at cringe at because I tried really hard to like that! (ahem, baking and flash photography)  I find that I always come back to more natural and fresh makeup.  I call it my more face less base makeup!  I don’t know if it comes from growing up in LA where its so casual and not a lot of makeup and more skin but I don’t like heavy makeup!  I think it photographs well because I see beautiful makeup on youtube and instagram but its in person where it stands out.  Sometimes I feel like I’m cakey even with the sheerest BB creams!   I think wearing a lot of makeup is almost a trend at the moment and I tried it and I know it’s just for me and thats ok.  I’ve learned always go simple and that’s how I keep my makeup light and how I like it.

So if you made it through that paragraph and you like natural makeup and are in need of creating your makeup bag or of products that are simple and natural… KEEEP READING!!!!

At the moment, I am lucky enough that my skin is good enough  where I can just conceal my blemishes, powder it and be done with base!  I LOVE doing this because then I can have more fun with bronzer/blush/highlighter.  It’s NOT always like this and when that is the case I try to only apply BB cream to the spots that need it.


For concealer, I love, love, love the NARs creamy concealer.  Best concealer and the coverage is great.  I use the color Custard. For BB cream I love the It cosmetics one!  It’s very sheer and lightweight but gives good coverage.  I think it may actually be a CC cream but they’re very similar.  I have the illuminating one with flecks of glitter and you can totally get away with putting on the BB cream and just going because it makes your skin glow!

Other good option is the Bare Minerals tinted moisturizer.  It’s very dewy.  I can’t recommend a good drugstore option because I don’t mess with different foundations/base makeup because 1) I don’t like heavy base and 2) have the most sensitive skin.

When I go out is when I tend to use a heavier base and just where more makeup overall.  (its fun!) Usually thats the It Cosmetic CC cream or the Maybelline fit me foundation!  This is a really great foundation and its cheap!  It can get full coverage so I try to be sparse with my application.   The Tarte Rainforest of the Sea foundation is AMAZE! It feels so light but has has very full coverage.  Options, here people!


I got my Laura Mercier powder in a kit I got from Sephora and it will last me for forever.  Tip: get the travel version, it’s cheaper and will last forever. Its the one I have!  Currently, I use it powder my spot I have on my forehead and around my nose.  Very lightly!  Applied with a wet beauty blender.  If you don’t want to wear foundation/ base, concealer and powder is a great way to avoid that.


I love being tan. I find I can wear less makeup when my face is tan.  But with that being said I love bronzer.  I am very loyal to my Benefit Hoola!  This can work for contour also but I don’t contour.  If you’re new with makeup, skip it.  You can bronze the cheekbones but you don’t need the harsh lines of contour. The Physicans formula bronzers are also a good bet!  Use a big fluffy brush for lighter application.


I think the Tarte cheek stains are so easy to use!!! I have one in Glisten which is a dupe for Nars orgasm.  If you’re new use this: its so easy and blends extremely well with a sponge.  I think the benefit boxed powders are all great.  I own 4 and have hit pan on all of them.  The Sephora brand blushes are very pretty and are great options.


The best part, the cherry on top, MY FAVORITE PART. I love highlighter so much! Ahh, first and foremost, Becca highlighters are the best highlighter in my opinion.  The first highlighter I ever got was the Becca set with the mini pressed and liquid highlighter.  I recommend this with every bone in my body.  Any Becca highlighter is great.  I love the new Anastasia Glow kit, though I would stray away from the past ones as I heard they’re chalky.  I love this flower highlight stick. Great drug store find. So are the elf baked highlighters!  I have heard great things about this Sephora collection highlighter palette and it swatches beautifully. And Patrick Ta who does Chrissy Teigen’s makeup uses it on her.  I’m fascinated by him.


Better than Sex mascara is so good.  So is the  Loreal volume building mascara.  The two are very similar.  I use waterproof because that keeps my lashes curled better. I just got the Diorshow mascara in the waterproof version because it was on sale at Nordstrom (not anymore) and I was obsessed with it in high school.  It’s not as great as I remember and that is quite sad.


Hands down, the Kat von D tattoo liner for cat eyes. I have very oily eyelids and this paired with a eyeshadow base is indestructible.  The Marc Jacobs eyeliners are also great. I have them in black and brown and they smudge right after application or can be left and won’t smudge.


I don’t fill in my brows because they are VERY thick and doing so freaks me out hahaha. I’ve used the benefit brow products and can say good things about all of them. I’ve heard glossier boy brow is insanely good, too.


Eyeshadow is so much fun.  I only wear it when I go out but I love buying it!!!!  Any of the TwoFaced eyeshadow palettes are a great bet.  The Tarte ones are really great, too.  And so are the naked palettes.  I have the Naked2 and the Naked3 is so pretty.  Colourpop has GREAT eyeshadows and I love the buttery texture.  They’re super cheap and great quality.  I heard the pressed shadows are great but I have’t tried those out yet.  I have a Morphe palette that I LOVE.  Those are only $22 which is insane because the shadows are plentiful and really nice.


I love makeup sponges.  The beauty blender is great but so are the real techniques/ sponges at ulta. Just wet it before use! For brushes I used real techniques or ones I find at Tj Maxxs.  I don’t splurge on my brushes. I got a silicone sponge and I’m not a fan.  It does not blend the makeup onto your skin.  It just sits on top.


If you have oily eyelids or are wearing eyeshadow for a long period of time, the Urban Decay eyeshadow primer is amazing and will last you forever. I don’t really use face primers as I stay away from base.  I just moisturize my face.  For setting sprays again the Urban decay one for when I’m going out.  Heres a kit with both.  For everyday, I’m obsessed with the new Mario Badescu aloe spray. The rose water one works well too, I like the aloe better.


I love the Colourpop liquid lips!  I have a gloss that I love, too. Those are so cheap and so worth it.  I like the NYX liquid lip for the nude colors.   Kylie lip kits are fun but rival any other liquid lip honestly.  They’re all very drying.  I only wear lipstick for going out.  I like the NYX liners for day to day or under liquid lipstick.  I love the Grande Lips plumper and always wear it.  It makes your lips shiny and is not painful.  The Sephora brand gel lip liners are great and have a more satin finish which I LOVE.  I also love the Neutrogena color sticks which rival chubby sticks! And the clinique almost lipsticks in black honey and pink honey are glossy and sheer and universally flattering. I only wear nudes/pink lip colors so I can’t personally recommend a great red.

What I’m feeling…

FullSizeRender 11wearing my favorite velvet Steve Madden booties

I got lemongrass, sweet orange and grapefruit oils for my oil diffuser and I’ve never made a decision I’ve been happier with.  Those are the best smells!

It’s gonna rain/snow and be so cold this next week.  We should be past this! Not to mention the nasty winds makes my face beet red.  ugh, ugh, ugh.

I went 5 days without washing my hair last week, I felt nasty and proud all at the same time.  (maybe I shouldn’t tell you that?) My hair has been SO dry and this has helped.

I got the Ouai foam dry shampoo and I don’t know if I like it.  It makes my hair look ok but I don’t like how it makes it feel. The smell however is so, so good. I really, really want to love it though!

I’ve loved Flowerbomb perfume for as long as I can remember and I just got the hair perfume.  It’s what good decisions are made of.

I only talk about the way stuff smells.

The 3rd and final phase of Colourpop’s monochromatic makeup collection comes out tomorrow at 10 PST. (1 for you east coasters.) It’s the Sand collection and it’s all bronzey nudes and gold shades. 😍 I love those colors for makeup and I have been SO into bronzer lately this is my cup of tea and then some.

My baby Drake came out with a new album I’m loving the vibes. I know passionfruit is gonna be all over the place and I ain’t even mad.

Look at these new Champion sweatshirts at Urban!

It’s Ulta 21 days of beauty and some really good stuff is on sale!

lets talk about leggings!


Leggings are 10000000% pants.  If they fit well and aren’t see through when ya bend over, they are PANTS! I’m gonna own it, I wear them everyday… seriously. I feel like this is probably the only time in my life I can get away with doing that and you bet I’m going too.  Leggings can totally be fashionable.  Gym or not and Gigi Hadid is living, walking proof of that… of both ways! My two favorite ways for leggings is sporty, casual and dressy with boots. Theres so many ways you can make them look good and they come with the best, effortless vibes when done correctly.  Making leggings look good (whether you’re chic, dressy, sporty) is a testament to having good style.

For sporty casual, class outfits:  I normally do leggings and sweatshirt with cool sneakers. Or rainboots/uggs/snowboots when its hella cold.  I will suck it up and have cold ankles for cool sneakers.  Ten billion other girls wear leggings and sweatshirts but this is how I do it and I like how I do it. Always sporty and I’m really loving street style. I always keep nike with nike and adidas with adidas. I think mixing other brands can be a little more flexible but I don’t like to mix adidas and nike.  I usually choose ankle length leggings and I don’t think you always have to wear a long shirt to cover your ass. It depends on the look.  Tight leggings and tight shirt can rival gym clothes but it really depends on what you’re vibing with.

For dressier (casual) looks: I love wearing them with over the knee boots and a sweater/ cute top. Most of the time if its a longer sweater or cardigan it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing leggings.  I love leggings with a leather jacket/bomber. It’s honestly so in and it’s foolproof (almost) cool girl.  This can work in the sporty/casual or dressy way  depending on how you style it.

If I have leggings on they 99% most likely are lululemons.  I LOVE lululemons. They are never see through, (hahah except that one time a while ago, they’re gucci now.) they last a very long time and they always look nice/ don’t fade. My fave are the black ankle length with a high waist.  So for me, thats the high time pants or the align pants.  For everyday, I usually stick with black, I like grey/ navy too.  I have colored pairs that I lounge/workout in.  Orange is my happy pants.😃 Gap makes really great leggings that are high waisted and fit very similarly to the lulus for way cheaper. I have a grey pair I love!

So DON’T wear see through leggings and DO experiment and find the way you like to wear them. It’s endless and you can still look classy.


Allure Beauty Box pt.2

So if you remember my post last month about this box you’ll know that I was planning to cancel my subscription… well I forgot so here I am reaping the rewards of my blunder.

FullSizeRender 9

John Frida in shower volume treatment.  I never really seek out volume for my hair but I don’t turn it down… haven’t tried this yet. Promise to report back if it’s stellar, will change your life and find you a man.

Londontown nail polish in bespoked and cuticle oil.  Both of these are full size and $16 each!  I tried the cuticle oil.  It’s basically just cuticle oil it smells like a smell I know but can’t name.  I have gels on my hands RN so I haven’t tried the polish.  It’s a pretty (though not my type) in a  pinky, opaque color.  The polish is vegan!  I think I would like this brand, I’m just not a pink nail polish person. They do however have a navy with NO shimmer waiting at my beck and call!

Secret cool waterlily deodorant. This deodorant smells soo, so good. I have used deodorant in a can for so long I forgot what this was like.  I think I like it better. I would buy the full size.

Derma E Vitamin C serum. I’ve used this on my face since I got the box.  Not too sure if it’s done anything. Its supposed to help reverse aging. Maybe a hint to young for that just yet. It’s supposed to help uneven skin texture so I will keep trying it to see if it helps with that.

Akar Ruby Lip tint.  I love this. Hands down my favorite thing in the box. I would purchase the full size!  It is a rosy colored lip balm with the silkiest texture.  I love the texture of this. It’s a gel like base that feels thin but is thick on your lips.  I hope that makes sense because it sounds like it doesn’t but it just is.

Verdict:  Honestly, I will be canceling my box after this month. It’s $15 and I got two products I can buy at Target… I may as well get the $7 target beauty box that comes with more stuff.  (I WANT IT.) Not going to lie, that miffed me.  In the past two boxes I’ve gotten anti-aging products so I think this box is targeted at a more mature audience.  I’m all for skin care and preventing aging early but I don’t think I’m at the point of needing reverse aging products. I wish there was a survey I could take to target products more to my liking and skin needs. I am grateful because I discovered the Grande lips plumper from this box last month and I absolutely LOVE that. I’m happy with this month’s lip tint and deodorant, too!

Sephora Play!

Guys, I’m a monthly box junkie now!!! I love these monthly beauty boxes, they are the best way to try new products.  I hoard beauty products too so this totally just feeds the madness…and I have a penchant for buying shit online. 😎


I got the March box first which happened to be the highlighter/glowy box and I can’t think of a better one to start off with because I want to own every highlighter/ glow all the time/ be overcome by it honestly.

I got the Benefit Watts up, its a cream highlighter and I’ve been feeling more natural/ glowy/ highlighters lately and this fits the bill.  I used it back when it first came out and I stopped for whatever reason so I’m excited to try it again.

Verb Ghost hair oil.  This could not have come at a better time because I was running out of my Bumble and Bumble invisible oil.  I just blow dried my hair and used this and it’s very similar to the bumble and bumble one.  I think I’m going to like this and it is substantial enough to last me a while and comes in a great bottle. Smell is a plus!

Glamglow illuminating moisturizer in nude glow.  I’m so excited to try this because I love glamglow products!  This just came out and its a glowy moisturizer/ makeup primer.  I heard it has a tint to it so I’m wondering if I can use it as a tinted moisturizer.  I want to go back to less base and more face makeup! Will report back on this. — I plan to use it in the morning when I do my makeup.. it smells amaze, guys.

Josie Maran Surreal skin balm.  I haven’t used this/heard of it before.  From the description it’s similar to the glamglow so a glowy moisturizer/makeup primer.  Will report back on this too.  — I just put some on my face and yes it is a glowy and it has a rich and creamy texture which will be great for my dry skin.

Urban Decay eyeshadow primer. I already own like 3 of these so this wasn’t too exciting but this is a great primer for eyeshadow and eyeliner.  I have oily eyelids so I use this even when I’m just wearing eyeliner.

Atelier Cologne in California Clementine. This smells like my momma. 😍 She LOVES light, citrusy and fresh perfumes and this is the perfect fit.  Its oranges / clementines so it smells very fresh and clean. I really like it, too.

My box ended in 469 so this is the stuff I got.  If your box ends in a different number I know the stuff inside is a little different. One box got an Bobbi Brown eyeshadow and a Algenist highlighter so a little bummed I missed out on those but I do like the hair oil so I think its worth it because I own more eyeshadow and highlighter than a girl who wears it once a week needs. hahahaha.

Here is what the other boxes got. Jelly of the becca highlighter! ahhhhh

Eh the Canadian suit 


I love a double denim, Canadian suit!  It’s super easy and always in.  If I don’t know what to wear but still want to look ‘with it’ this is my go to!  These boots have been on repeat and I love the grey velvet because I can wear them with everything.  I’m pleasantly surprised with how comfortable these are!  They’re Steve Madden which usually always hurt my feet but so far so good. They’re 4 inches so if you’re heavy footed like me you’ll feel it in your toes if you walk a lot.  But that again is with any tall heel without a platform… Also hello fitbit. 😬 Homegirl walks in photos now because she needs her steps, hahahahahah. Jk but walking in photos is my new thing!


Bella Dahl shirt // Vintage Levis // Steve Madden booties (on sale now!)


I’m obsessed with these sunnies and annoyed because I left them at home. 😐 Also trying out the nude-taupe lip.  It’s actually hard to find the right color so I mix colors to avoid the grey, dead girl lip look.  Will share that in the near future!

In other news I have a snow day (bless u storm stella) so this weather ain’t too bad!  Woohooo silver lining. ☺️



Look over here…

Nike prestos in max orange

I talked about these multiple times on the blog and now they’re in my hot little hands!! 😍😆 I’m on the plane back to school RN and honestly I’m sad! I’m never too sad about going back but I think it’s because I’m going back to a snow storm.  The weather in LA has spoiled me this break so hopefully I can bring some of it back with me to the east coast. I will report back once the weather allows me to wear these…hoping it’s in the near future!

Happy Monday!✌🏼