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This week is the highlighter week because I feel like that is all I can talk about. If you follow Kylie Jenner on snapchat than it is impossible not to now about kylighters!!! I want full credit for that because… I SOO called it 6 months ago. With a name like that the product practically creates itself. They come out on Tuesday the 28!



The swatches are super pretty.  I’ll try to get the two in the middle. Curious about the consistency of it. It looks more buttery then powdery, fingers crossed!  Need reviews on it before I commit.



This Anastasia Beverly Hills x Nicole Guerriro highlight palette comes out March 3 on the ABH website & on the Sephora website and hits stores on the 15th.  Jeffree Star just posted a video of swatches and his first impression and it got his seal of approval!  After watching his video I. am. shook!  Look at it, it’s so pretty. 😍  It’s only $40 and the colors are so nice and different! It’s still warm, rosy gold tones which I pick over and over again but I feel like these would be so so good mixed together!! The consistency of this palette is supposed to be much better than the last one they released, the ABH ultimate glow kit. Every youtube video I watched on it said it was chalky, too glittery for highlight and not worth it. I swatched it in Sephora and it was dry and chalky with not very good pigmentation. This one has a new formula with a buttery texture and at this point I’m like who do I give my $40 to have it RN?

Photos from my new obsession trend mood and kylie snapchat.

These shoes and 8 more things…


  1. I want it to be fuzzy slipper weather and I want these fuzzy slippers. Thanks Zara, for making fuzzy slipper goals. I’m obsessed.
  2. I found Maren Morris‘s album last night and I haven’t stopped listening she is so so so good.
  3. Dressy fuzzy slippers I NEED.
  4. Everyone and their mom is releasing new highlighter palettes! I’m so excited and overwhelmed at the same time! I want people to review them asap so I know which one to get. This NARs one. This smashbox one. This Laura Mercier one. These colourpop ones. And this Anastasia Beverly Hills one.  So so curious.
  5. Victoria Beckham wears snowboots!!
  6. I’m loving Buzzfeed’s style section and these makeup layering charts are super helpful.
  7. This website is really helpful in choosing a monthly beauty box subscription. I got the allure one this month and will be posting about that in a little bit. I have to make sure I get a good use of all the products so I can accurately report back!   I also signed up for Play! by Sephora.
  8. Yellow aviators are going to be a thing. mark. my. words!

How to get the glow line….

how to be highlight goals

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I want to preface this by saying: I LOVE HIGHLIGHTER.  I love what it does, I love finding new ways to use it, I love buying new ones like basically, if it makes you glow I want to own it.  The highlight line across the cheekbone is what constitutes “highlight on fleek” and I always want it and always notice it on people and in pictures! To get that look there is three steps…

  1. Use a creme highlighter first.  This will create the base for what we will place the powder highlighter over. For creme highlighters I love this flower one, the colourpop ones, (which are so great) and this cargo one.  I say creme over liquid because they sit on the skin a little bit thicker and allow the powder to settle nicely.
  2. Next, use a powder highlighter and pat it with a brush on top of where you placed the creme highlighter. For me that is the cheekbones because this is where I like my most intense glow. I love the becca highlighters, I own them in multiple colors but my absolute favorite is champagne pop. currently am on the lookout for a new powder highlight to love!  Speaking of, this smashbox highlighter palette just released and is looking like a verrryyyy good option.
  3. Setting spray!  This will set the glow and make the powder blend with the creme. I love the Mario Badescu rose water and the Urban decay all nighter.

If you take pictures use a flash! This will sweeten the deal. Go glow!

Follow Friday…

If you are obsessed with makeup like me you MUST follow @TRENDMOOD1 on instagram! I’m honesty surprised I just discovered it. They post new, upcoming makeup releases and I find myself on their page multiple times a day.  There is soo many new highlight palettes coming out in the next few months and that is my kryptonite. I never love all the colors in a palette but I just love palettes. Something about the options… and they feel substantial when you hold them. Trendmood keeps you up to date with all of it.

This Laura Mercier one has really caught my attention. I want to jump on the holographic highlighter trend and I absolutely love creme highlighters. AKA this is my dream palette!  I’m so impressed with these colors.

The new Nars highlighter palette coming out looks very rose gold. 😍

Iridescent/holographic highlighers are becoming SO popular right now and I’m loving this lavender Becca one.  I love love love Becca highlighters. The pigment is great and I love how it wears, especially as I’m not the biggest fan of powders.

There is 2 new smashbox highlighter palettes releasing tomorrow!



Throwback Thursday


Topshop jacket / Jcrew shirt / Topshop overalls / Schutz shoes

… this is 17 year old baby me!  I’m proud of myself because I still really love this outfit. Haha.  This is from 4 years ago when I was in New York city for Teen Vogue Fashion U. I had just turned 17, dyed my hair blonde and was SO so obsessed with overalls.  I felt so grown up and exactly in my element!  Doing fashion and beauty in New York. Crazy how fast time flies.  I think I’ll find my way back there soon.  I remember my feet realllllllly hurting and changing into flats once I got into the cab but I loved how the shoes looked with the overalls.  Totally worth it.

High and Low

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F21 bodysuit // American Eagle Jeans // Stuart Weitzman boots 

  1. I can’t stay away from black on black for very long! I love it and it worked so well with this because it almost looked like it was one connected piece. 2 people asked if I was wearing a jumpsuit.
  2. My nails are peeling.. I think I need to give gels a break for a while, it’s tragic, I look at my unpainted fingers right away! (and now I’m inviting you tooooo)
  3. The M5 filter on VSCO is a game changer.  I look for a filter that will make all my hair blonder because I usually find that the ends can get lighter but the top/roots  will get darker… basically I’m a nut but this filter will make you blonder! 😄
  4. It’s very slushy and icy outside and I was slipping around in these boots…I did eventually make it… very slowly.
  5. I’m very into … lately!
  6. I vicariously live through Fashion week instagrams!  Lots of furs and boots this year… a snowy/icy ground is a game changer (ahem^) and I saw one picture of a girl in 4inch pumps walking through slush and I will ALWAYS remember that picture. She’s a badass.
  7. I will be walking through slush and snow tomorrow to get to class in Hunter wellies and that is much less glamorous/badass.

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This picture honestly cracks me up because I’m posing and trying so hard… next to the toilet.  I vibe with it.

Happpppppppy Monday!☕️

Morphe 35OS palette


This is the Morphe 35 OS eyeshadow palette!  This palette is my current eyeshadow obsession and if you love warm tone, rose gold eye shadows like me then you need to own this! This palette was $23 which is just insane for the quality and quantity of the eyeshadows. They have a buttery texture with good pigment and blend really well.   I’ve honestly only been using the rose gold shades in this palette and after swatching it there is so many good ones I have been missing out on! I’m excited to try new looks with this to get a more rose gold/bronzey look. Hopefully next time I do my eyeshadow I’ll remember to take a pic because I always forget.


First two rows of palette. palette is on its side, turn to the left. starting with the rows of 7 with the lighter colors. L-R.


loving the first two colors and end two.


obsessed with the first four.

Overall, this palette is a 9/10. I certainly recommend it, especially if you’re having a hard time finding a new palette. I know personally I haven’t seen one that I’ve loved in a while. The quality is really great, the color selection doesn’t get better then this and the shadows blend extremely well. This palette is all shimmer, if you want these colors with matte shades mixed in then the 35O is a good choice.