First Impressions face under $10


I love watching first impressions on youtube so here’s my take on that through a blog post!  I got all this stuff at Ulta on Friday and then did a first impressions, wear test on my instastories Saturday.  I didn’t realize I pretty much got a full face and every product was under $10… so unlike me hahaha but with that the blog post pretty much writes itself!


LA Girl pro coverage foundation: I wanted a more full coverage foundation to wear on nights out and this got good reviews and looked like a good fit for me! I only wear foundation when I go out so I know I don’t need to shell out a ton of money on one. I have to say I’m so tempted by the $50 Nars Natural Radiant longwear foundation. It calls my name overtime I’m at Sephora and I even know my shade.  Ok, back to this foundation. I’m telling myself this is like the Nars one! 😉

  • It’s $8.99 first off so the price rocks because the $18 foundations at the drugstore are ridiculous, you may as well just get a high end one.
  • This is a medium coverage foundation and thats perfect for me because I usually just wear concealer or a light bb cushion. Anything more than medium is daunting to me.  For those that like more coverage this can be built up to full coverage with another layer. I did on a zit, though tread lightly as it may look a little cakey.
  • I liked how this applied better with a brush oddly enough because I love a makeup sponge. I found that it blended better into the skin with a brush and that I needed less product.
  • This has a dewy finish and I LOVE that. Its so pretty and hydrating. You can make it more matte with a setting powder but after you wear it for a few hours the dewy, shine will come out.
  • I got a good 6 hours out of this foundation which is more than enough for me.
  • It wore well with my sunscreen, concealer, cream bronzer and powder highlighter.
  • This foundation is really great, honestly. I’m really happy with it and it did everything I needed it to do. Its a great drugstore foundation option.


Makeup Revolution Concealers: This concealer got hyped once the press release came out because its said to be a shape tape dupe for only $7! I love my shape tape so I knew I would be trying this.

  • Its not as full coverage as shape tape. More medium coverage but I don’t mind it and you can build it up.
  • I got the shade C7 and its a great match for shape tape light medium only a little less pink which is better for my skin.
  • It wore really nicely with the foundation! I want to try it on bare skin so a more in-depth review of this product vs the shape tape will be up soon!
  • I baked my under-eyes and it wore and lasted all day!
  • I really like this and I’m running out of shape tape so this could be its my replacement. I’ll ket you know!!!


Elf x Hart Defensor Highlighter

  • This highlighter is AWESOME!
  • Its so pretty and smooth on the skin which I love!!! No chunks of glitter here.
  • I blended the two colors together and its the perfect gold color for light-medium skin.
  • Its only $8 which is crazy because its so good! Its a steal and I totally recommend it.


Makeup Revolution Baked bronzer

  • If I can give you one piece of advice its to go in with a LIGHT HAND. This is pigmented!
  • This product is allll shimmer.  It could double as a highlighter for darker skin tones.
  • I got the darkest shade to use in place of blush/bronzer topper and its very red in color which I don’t like for bronzers.
  • I applied this to my cheeks and when I walked by the mirror I was like I LOVE my how my cheeks look.
  • I like it for how it looks but I did not like it at first. Maybe a lighter color would work better for bronzer but again its basically a highlighter.
  • If you like shimmery blush or something new for your cheeks try it but its definitely different and you have to work with it.


Catrice Lip Cushion. I saw this in a Casey Holmes first impression and loved how it looked so I knew I had to grab it. I’m so into glosses lately and this is so easy to wear.

  • Its a glossy, cushion lip color.
  • Super pretty, sheer and I love the glossy finish it leaves.
  • Its easy, I’m obsessed but its sticky. I don’t mind but just to know if you don’t like a sticky gloss.

The only thing I probably won’t buy again was the Makeup Revolution bronzer but its really pretty and $6 so I’ll work with it. I recommend everything else!

Colourpop newness


I impulsively did a Colourpop order the other week.  They just came out with these lipsticks and they looked so pretty and I was so curious to try them. So much so  I bought them before checking that they have a semi-matte formula and I don’t like mattes whatsoever! There is impulse shopping for ya! I ended up getting 3 of the lipsticks and their new highlighter palette. I love the Colourpop supershock highlighters so I really wanted to try their powder formula.



Lipsticks in stone fox, boy and appy.  l-r.

I wore the lipsticks out this weekend and I can 100% say the colors are gorgeous! Here’s my first impressions:

  • Dry. These guys are super dry. My friend told me my lips looked dry. :/
  • I went 3 hours before these wore off.
  • After the color wore off, I got that crusty, separation line on my lips. Super bummed about that! I have dry skin in general so I think I need to do excellent moisturizing prep before and then follow with a gloss after.
  • The colors are gorgeous so I want to make them work. I don’t like matte lips so I’m all for applying a gloss over top!


First impressions on the in-nude-endo palette:

  • Super gorgeous colors.  It reminds me a lot of the Nicole Guerriero ABH glow kit. Theres enough colors where it can work for all skin tones. You can also mix them and they can work for eyeshadows if you find a few shades too light / too dark.
  • Super smooth highlighters which I love and go for. Definitely no glitter chunks and they look like a smooth metallic sheen on the skin.
  • More on the natural side for sure. They can be built up with more product and setting spray. I want to try wetting a brush!
  • I use a fan brush but I think you could get a more intense application with a denser brush.


Overall I’m happy with what I got and Colourpop offers such a good price point.  If I got a $30 lipstick that left my lips with that crusty line it’d be a different story!  I really feel like I can make the lipsticks work for me with a gloss or vaseline.  I’ll report back with more info once I play a little more! I also compared these lipsticks to the Kylie Cosmetics lipstick I have and we have a dupe! That will be on instagram this week. 🙂

What sits on my desk

I’m guilty in that my desk is always filled with beauty products. FILLED.  I definitely don’t have enough space but I don’t stop adding to the collection.  I have a little tray that sits on my desk with new products I’m trying or stuff I reach for the most… here’s whats in it that I haven’t talked about before!


Batiste Dark dry shampoo. This has been game changing!  I don’t have to fluff the white cast dry shampoo out of my hair anymore! As if I’m lazy enough, my hair is already 80% dry shampoo and now I can just spray and be done. I love Batiste, its a daily staple in my routine and the brown tint is great for girls with dark hair!


Garnier Skin active rose water spray.  The spray is decent and refreshing on the skin but its not game changing like the dry shampoo. It also has alcohol in it which isn’t great for your skin but so far I haven’t had a problem. However the sprayer on this guy !!!! Every brand out there with a spray product needs this sprayer! It is the PERFECT mist. I was so blown away.  I have expensive sprays with bad mists and this drugstore $6 spray has the mother of all mists! Legit just had to talk about the sprayer, its so good.


May Coop Raw sauce.  I wanted to try this for so long and I missed my chance at Sephora.  Well fate has it I’m at TJ Maxx one day and there it is for $5!!! Love TJ Maxx and their beauty section is seriously stepping up their game.  I was so shocked but excited to find this there!  So far I really like it.  Its gentle enough and its keeping my face hydrated and smooth. It layers well with other lotions and potions.

Son & Park beauty water.  I don’t love washing my face because it makes my lash extensions fall out. Sounds gross but I usually lightly cleanse with water and soap and then go ham with the micellar waters and this!  I use it as my third cleanse after micellar water and it removes more makeup and tones the skin. Its not drying which is really important to me, especially in the winter. It’s a 3 in one product and its gentle enough but gets the job done. I really like this stuff!

If you hit beauty review on the top of my blog it’ll take you to all my beauty posts where I’ve talked about the other products in the pictures that aren’t mentioned here.  I don’t want to be redundant and I’m getting sick and want to sleep so forgive me but its there to browse! 🙂

Incorporating SPF into your daily routine

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One of my goals for 2018 was to incorporate some type of SPF into my daily routine.  I narrowed it down to two options; the Drunk Elephant tinted sunscreen or the Supergoop Unseen sunscreen.  I went with the Drunk Elephant one and I am so obsessed with!  It makes it super easy to wear SPF every day.


This sunscreen has a sheer, light tint, best suited for light to medium skin tones, and a hint of shimmer.  It gives a natural, satin glow to the skin!  You can wear it alone or under makeup.  I like how it wear on its own, under concealer and under foundation.  Each look good! I found in the past that sunscreens were greasy/sticky and made my makeup look weird. This is in no way greasy and will not make your makeup look weird.

Its a creamy sunscreen.  I have dry skin and it keeps me hydrated.  I feel like most face sunscreens are that jelly, light weight formula. This is a more heavier, cream texture like sunscreens usually have. Its tinted but it leaves NO white cast to the skin like most sunscreens. Huge plus.

It has SPF 30!



This has a sunscreen smell/ tanner scent to it.  I have a VERY strong sense of smell so I can smell it throughout the day but I don’t think this will go for everyone! After wearing it for two weeks I find that I only smell it during application now.  The shade range if we can call it that because its one shade, is only for light / medium skin tones.  Not cool but on the other hand, Drunk Elephant also offers a non-tinted version for those that don’t want a tint or shimmer.

I definitely recommend this sunscreen and I would totally repurchase.  I see this becoming holy grail favorite!

Jelly instagram highlighter!


Farsali jellybeam highlighter in glazed. 

Farsali is the instagram famous makeup brand with the primers that people drip on their face like tears before applying foundation in videos!  I hope this is ringing some bells! The brand puts out gimmicky, instagram makeup and their jelly highlighter is no different.  I was really excited when this first came out and since I LOVE highlighters I knew I had to try this because there is literally nothing like this product.  It took a while to come to Sephora, I prefer to buy stuff there versus brand sites because my points and free shipping, so I waited.

Here’s my thoughts on it:

  • This wears better on top of foundation.  It lasts much longer than just on skin with primer. If I wear it on skin its hard to see within an hour or two of applying. With that being said I don’t think its the longest lasting highlighter.  I’ve had a longer lasting highlighter using powder and setting spray.  I do think this would wear better on a matte foundation.
  • It goes on like jelly and sets like a powder so I don’t recommend layering this with another highlighter like you would do with a cream than a powder.
  • It drys fast so blend it in quickly and do one side at a time.  I go in with a beauty blender then use a brush to buff out the edges. Its not the easiest product to blend.
  • It’s not an in your face, intense glow but its more then au natural if you know what I mean.  You can build it up too. I’ve been into less intense highlighters, like still looking like you have highlighter on but not a tin man, reflective glow.  The color is called ‘glazed’ and it does look like a glaze donut color.
  • For $40 I won’t say this is the best highlighter out there. I’ve been using it for the past two weeks and I enjoy it but its not my favorite highlighter that I own but I like it.  It wins for originality and uniqueness.
  • If you love highlighter, gold ones especially, and like to collect them then I totally recommend this because I think you would love it!
  • The lid is hard to unscrew.

Overall, its a cool product to own but I don’t think its a holy grail that you have to go out a buy and I probably wouldn’t buy it again.  I think a Colourpop super shock highlighter is better and a fraction of the price. If you love/collect makeup and love golden highlighters then I say swatch it and if you like it go for it because its pretty on skin and unique!  I give it an 7/10 because I’ve been reaching for it a lot and I love golden highlighters but in terms of highlighter wear, price and glow intensity; its good, not great. 



Drugstore Tanner that works for dry skin!


Loreal Sublime Bronze

I’ve been on the search for good self tanners that will work with dry skin!  I love being tan and I totally rely on self tanner during the winter months.  I don’t mind wash off ones but they’re also annoying to have to wash off after a few hours…aka I get lazy. 🙂  Ideally, I like to tan and be done for the night.  I also have dry patches of skin on my face and neck which are a nightmare if you self tan. Ooh how many times have I had a blotchy tan because of dry skin that has been impossible to fix.

If you like to tan and be done, or if you have dry skin, or BOTH! These tan wipes are going to be really good for you.

The GOOD. 

These tan wipes are great for on the go or throwing in your bag for travel. They win for easiness. Just open a wipe and rub through all the places you want to tan.  You can also apply it over moisturizer if you have dry skin.  I do this on my face and neck area and I find that I tan pretty evenly!  Which is huge for me.  Its hard to find a tan that won’t get blotchy on dry skin. A++++++ for that in my book.

After using the wipe and letting your tan dry, you’re good to go! No having to shower or wash it off in five hours. GOOD. TOO. GO.  I love that. You can wear clothes, put on makeup, whatever you want!  I find that two nights in a row will get me to a pretty tan, bronzed look. I think doing these 2-3 times a week is good for keeping bronzed.

These are drugstore pricing and are cheaper on amazon. Like $10 for 6 which is totally a steal!

The BAD. 

These smell like fake tanner.  The typical, wet cracker sort of smell.  I don’t like that smell and I find that these are pretty strong and you will smell like it for the first 2 days.  I don’t mind it because I’m probably the only one who notices but the smell is there.

Your hands turn orange. Well at least for me. You’re supposed to wash your hands after which I did, 3 times and I still had orange hands.  My friend used these and washed her hands after and they were fine.  Maybe I am incapable?  It’s a wash to me but my hands were orange.  Again I don’t mind if I’m tan.

I give these an 8-8.5!  They’re just so good and easy to apply which is why I love them again and would totally buy.  I also love that they can work with dry skin.  These two redeeming qualities are enough to make me look over the smell and orange hands!

Low buy February?


I tried not buying beauty products in January and I failed.  Big time. I think knowing I couldn’t made me want to buy them more!  I want to try again frankly because I want to prove to myself that I have some form of control! Lol. $50 of beauty for February is the plan. My mom said that sounded like a lot but if I do $20 thats like barely one thing or limiting my purchases to shitty stuff I don’t really want / need. Right?!The whole point of this is to only buy what I really want / need.  Valentines Day is also this month and I adopt a treat yourself mentality for that day because whatever I’m getting will be from me! I’ve been doing it since high school and I make no plans to stray. 😉

For reference, a no buy is not buying anything beauty for a certain amount of time.  A low buy is setting a price limit and whatever you buy must fit within it.  Much more my thing, hardly, but more doable.

I’m sharing this on my blog to hold me accountable and to show what I can do with $50 on beauty products for a month.  Cheers to sharing every step of the way! If you don’t hear from me about this then you know what happened. hahah. Kidding! Maybe. 🙂