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adidas sweatshirt / adidas leggings / Jeffrey campbell slides / Celine sunnies

Adidas and matching sweat sets are so in right now and this is their baby!  I’ve never worn the adidas leggings + sweatshirt together because I know it’s overkill, but I’m sooo glad I did!  This is definitely a new obsession along with my current obsession fuzzy slippers that will always have a special place in my heart.  I’m basically a walking trend, fuzz ball.  I  have a hard time wearing my adidas pieces because crossing brands is a known “no.”  (so no Nike shoes with adidas sneakers.) Currently still deciding how I feel about that. As for the matching, it’s foolproof and I’m loving the results!

I’m loving this adidas sweatshirt and sweat combo and I really want this champion one!

Perfume steals!

Best smelling perfumes under $30!

I love perfume and I like to have lots to choose from!  I like to have different scents depending on my mood and what I have planned that day. Generally, if I’m just going to class, I’ll use a lighter scent.  I like to layer a few light ones on top of each other.  For my lighter perfumes, I love looking at Zara, Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.  They’re my perfume guilty pleasure spots!  They have perfumes under $30 that smell like high quality fragrance. Bath and Body Works is fun and I love the ones I own, but their scents remind me of shower gels and high school.  These perfumes are easily a step up and are a more mature choice.  They’re easy to travel with because they’re smaller and easier to pack so I don’t find myself worrying about them breaking in my bag. I also like to give them as gifts!


If you like boutique-y scents that are flowery, fruity and fresh, Anthropologie is your place to go.  I like this vanilla one in the picture because I’ve been wanting a sweet perfume that is a mature sweet.  Not a 6th grade Pink sugar sorta smell because I’ve been there and I’m good with not going back. hahah.  My picks are; this one I just got – its like an exotic orange smell and I dig it and the vanille which smells like vanilla extract, shocker. Both are under $25!


So Zara perfumes are great but the hard part is, they are not sold online.  You have to go to the store and smell them!  Normally it’s in a section near the cashiers with the scarves and other accessories.   My favorite is Oriental and this Red Vanilla and I have like 3 others.  These perfumes smell like designer perfume all with a warm, musky and woody scent to them. The flowery ones are grown up flowery, not overly sweet and high schoolish. Best of all, they’re only $10-$14 and they certainly don’t smell like that.


Urban Outfitters as their own line of perfumes with matching perfume, solid perfume and candle scents!  My favorite is the Pistachio Brûlée, it’s sweet without being too sweet and almost musky. The perfumes look like the Byredo ones which is why they caught my attention in the first place. I’m not sure if they smell like them.  These are $18!

Those are my faves and I will always have my eyes open for more.  Go look and grab a few, I hope you love them like I do! :))


Topshop sweater dress // taupe over the  knee boots boots (similar) 
Lampshading is when you wear an oversized top/sweater/sweatshirt that hits right above over the knee boots and it is so so in at the moment!  I loveeee it!  It’s so easy and the boots totally take the outfit to the next level.  I live for pieces like that.  I want to try it with a hooded sweatshirt dress.  I’m just still looking for one I like! Try it!  It’s so in for 2017 and speaking of, it looks bright! 😉

Best Beauty Products of 2016!

If you know me you know I’m obsessssssedddddd with beauty products.  I hoard them and I want to try them all!  I love watching these videos on youtube so I decided to dedicate a post to my favorite products and spare you having to listen to my weird voice in a video.  I consider the best products the ones that I repurchase time and time again and cannot live without. Aka, my continuous favorites. I’m high maintenance so theres lots. Haaaa.

1.  Nars creamy concealer!  I use custard for my face and vanilla under my eyes.  And sometimes I use vanilla for my face in the winter. :/  I love the consistency of this concealer.  It blends nicely with a beauty blender and covers just about anything.  I like natural makeup and don’t color correct and this concealer works well with covering red spots!

2. Beauty Blenders!  I’m obsessed with my beauty blenders.  They work well with hot water because then it is warm for application, which I find works better.  They blend my makeup sooooo well and  give me a more natural look which is always what I go for.

3. Becca Highlighter: I LOVE this highlighter.  I cannot say enough good things about it and I’ve talked about it on many different occasions on my blog.  I’ve owned it in Opal, Champagne Pop and Moonstone.  My absolute favorite is champagne pop; its a bronzey, rose gold color.  On school days I use a CC cream, mascara and either blush or highlighter and I almost always go to Champagne Pop.  It gives the best glow!  I was into the excessive highlighter for a bit which was definitely a 2016 trend.  I got a highlighting beauty blender and I’ve been using that for a more subtle glow lately.

4.  IT cosmetics Illuminating CC cream:  I love watching Olivia Jade’s videos on youtube and she was raving about this.  She likes natural makeup and warm tones like me so I really trust what she says.  This CC cream is AMAZING.  It gives great coverage and makes your skin look like you aren’t wearing makeup.  This one is the illuminating one and it has little shimmers in it and I love the glow and coverage it gives my skin without looking cakey.  The coverage is build-able, I choose to keep mine more sheer so you can see my skin and freckles.  If you’re not a fan of shimmer, they have a regular CC cream.

5.  Better than Sex mascara: I love this Too Faced mascara!   It’s starting to become a cult favorite and I see why.  I’ve loved the Benefit They’re Real mascara for so long and I think this one is similar but it gives more volume! This one separates my lashes enough while still making them look long and voluminous.  I still love the benefit mascara and I honestly see myself switching between the two in the future.

6. Olaplex freakin 3!! This hair mask is GAME-CHANGING. I color my hair often and it is always to be lighter and I also use heat on my hair daily (blowdrying and curling iron.)   Needless to say, I’m hard on my hair and while I have a lot of it, its not fine nor thick and gets damaged easily.  I struggle with dry hair and split ends!  Now, I always color my hair with Olaplex and just recently I started sleeping with Olaplex 3 in my hair overnight once a week.  Hands down this is the healthiest my hair has been in a very long time and crazy enough its also blonde, which is the hardest on my hair!  My hair is much softer, stronger and way less dry! I love this stuff so much and I can’t say enough good things about it.

7. Moroccan Oil:  This adds so much moisture to my hair which is something I struggle with.  I use it after I blow dry my hair and after I curl it on the ends. Hair oils are super in and this one is the best.

8.  Bumble and Bumble invisible primer oil:  This year I learned the importance of using a heat protectant.  This one is my favorite. I look for something that obviously protects my hair but also one that allows the brush to slide through my hair when I blow dry it.  I also avoid anything that gives my hair a sticky or crunchy texture.  This one allows my brush to glide through my hair and adds in moisture.  Win, win.

9. Kat von D tattoo eyeliner:  My roommate is obsessed with eyeliner and she got me hooked.  I love it!  I have very oily eye lids so I struggle to find an eyeliner that lasts more than a few hours.  I also love to take naps and that ruins your eyeliner apparently. hahaha.  I use this with my Urban Decay eyeshadow primer and it lasts all day!  The felt tip makes application easy and is really great for cat eyes!

10.  Lush Bubble bars: I’ve blogged about Lush bath bombs and my affinity for them.  Bubble bars do all that bath bombs do but with bubbles and they’re 1000000xs better!  I love taking baths and they make baths great.  They’re huge and take a while to dissolve so I cut mine in halves.  The bubble bombs are a little more expensive too so it’s nice to make them last longer.

11. Mario Badescu drying lotion: This is the best products for zits!  You dab the pink powder on a zit and it’s gone in the morning.  It dries it out so well!  I’m on my my 6th bottle and I’ve gotten my family hooked.  My friends at school will come to my room w a q-tip so they can borrow some!

I have new products I’m trying that I’m liking but not sure if I would repurchase… Here we go…

Tarte Blush in glisten:  I love the natural look of cream products.  I love Nars orgasm and this is very similar to it in a cream consistency. Its called a cheek stain if were getting technical.  So far I’m liking it and its very easy to use.  I place it on my cheeks and blend w/ a wet beauty blender.

I love texture sprays for hair!  So far I’ve used the Bumble and bumble city swept spray. I’m not sure if I like this yet.  It gives my hair texture, but it’s sticky and makes it tangled.  I think there is something wrong with the spray nozzle because it comes out in bubbles in my hair.  The Not your Mothers texture spray works well, its $6 and is a great steal.  It gives texture but not too much!  I have the Living Proof Dry volume blast, its good for volume when it’s first applied but I’m not sure how long it lasts.  You apply it like a dry shampoo and then shake through the roots. I’m still playing around with it, so far I think I like it.

I love Batiste dry shampoo!  Its great for oily scalps and I get that on day 2!  I like to spray my hair before I sleep because then all the power is gone in the morning.  When I forget and apply in the morning sometimes the powder can be overwhelming.  Its only $8 and is a great product.

I’ve been searching for a good fake tanner to take me through the winter and I’m loving the St. Tropez bronzing mousse.  I’ve only used it once but I’m so impressed!  It gives me a tan, not an orange glow. I think this will make its way to a continuous favorite but its still early. I’ll let you know after winter! My friend Lauren uses a sock to apply hers and that worked great for me!

Zara perfume!  I love perfume and I love to have a lot of it to use depending on my mood!  I love Zara perfumes.  They’re cheap and they smell expensive.  I go to the store and grab 3 at a time! They don’t sell them online but check your Zara because they are hidden gems!

I went to the Mac counter at Nordstrom the other day to buy a nude lipstick in Touch the Earth. The lady at the counter was SOOO rude and rolled her eyes at me because she had never heard of that color.  Thats my pet peeve so I left and I ended up getting the Maybelline ones I wanted to try.  I got Truffle Tease and Nude Thrill and I love both! Super happy with them and boo mac.

These shoes….

I’m so freakin obsessed with these shoes. Looking at them makes me soo happy!!! Rihanna started the whole funny slide trend and I was iffy at first and now I’m like uhh.. it’s biggest advocate? Sorta. The fur on the original Rihanna ones are not as fuzzy as these, and I love the fuzz.  Gimme alllllll da fuzz! These are from Jeffrey Campbell.  I feel like they make any outfit 10xs better and that is magic!  A pair of shoes hasn’t made me this excited in a while.  I’m gonna wear them everyday while I’m home because not even the fur will keep me warm in the snow when I go back to school. Time to find snowboots that make me this happy. Haa

Game changer !

I LOVE MY BEAUTY BLENDER!  I’ve tried the fake $5 dollar ones and quite frankly, using it was my punishment for trying to skimp.  They suck.  I am forever loyal to my beauty blender.  For Christmas I got this set with beauty blenders and the cleaner.  This sounds horrendous but I never really washed my beauty blenders before.   (yeeeeeeeks!) And I really thought the cleaners were a waste.  I would just buy a new one once it got super dirty and that was that!  I got this tan one in November and a month later it was filled with foundation.  This is not supposed to happen and it looked much older and grosser then is should have.  Above is the beauty blender washed with the cleaner and it looks brand new, does it not?!  I wish I had a picture of it before I washed it but take my word, it was gross!  I was blown away because I had just tried to wash it the other day with dish soap and coconut oil and nothing happened. The solid cleansing soap is magic.  It’s a bar of soap and all you do is rub the damp beauty blender against it and bam! its new.  It doesn’t even make sense how, it just is.   If you use beauty blenders daily like me, this is a MUST.  The solid cleaner is a game changer.  10/10.